Easy Way To Make Your Guy Happy

beef one

Compromise is key in moving forward

in a lasting way. Not everyone loves eating

organic healthy food. I do, but I also enjoy

a tasty cheeseburger. Anyway, an all-beef

cheeseburger once a week is healthy. Men

need good energy and I have had to come off

my vegetable high-horse and understand that

my sweetheart needs to eat what he loves. Even when

it goes against what I might have heard.

People need different types of energy.

I prepare meat, sausage, and bacon almost

every week because my sweetheart loves it.

He also does not gain weight from it. He eats

a proper portion even though he would eat

three hamburgers full of bacon if he wanted to.

Okay, that is where I have a little say.

Sometimes it is very hard to prepare a delicious

beef hamburger when I am about to eat

tofu and vegetables. Although I do take a little nibble.

It is important to be able

to make people happy

when you can not

partake in the reward.



1/2 The World Is Getting Vomitty

Positive, happiness, and serenity

we all have a right to this.

There are people in this world

going about their business happy

in their choices or content somehow.

Then there is all this killing and abuse

and zero compromises. I feel like

Game of Thrones has come to life

in our real world or has it. Has it

always been like this? Is it just same old stinky

stuff different era. Do we believe we

are doing better yet committing the same

crimes just in a different way?

I think organic farmers have it right.

I mean I am sure they have their own

little battles to fight, but what is going on?

It’s like there are thousands of different

worlds being created on our one. And anyone

who hasn’t created one is just following

one of the thousands. It feels selfish just

to center myself and not get wrapped up

in someone else’s need. If you are not stacked

with protection then you will be pulled

down by the very ones you are trying to help.

Animal protectors, vet’s, rescuers, and handlers

have good. The animals are a worthy cause.

What is the next amazing thing, there are

so many, but are they worth their weight in gold?

Where is the hearing all sides of the issue? I mean

where is accountability on both sides? Something

seems unspoken. There is a responsibility that

is not being talked about. I feel the need to just

create my own world of happiness with gardens,

kittens, puppies, and art. Is it possible to stop

listening to the part of the world that is so vomity?

Will I miss something? Will this make me unaware

of what is going on? Or will it matter, like when you go away

on vacation and you say oh is that all I miss?


Words Not Guns

Having been a Teacher

and a Substitute Teacher

in Broward County

it’s shattering to think

of lives being taken

in the South Florida Shooting.

My prayers and blessings

are with the families.

Like so many, we want

to do something to make

this the last shooting

to happen in America.

We are trying to understand

how to help and prevent this.

A person in pain

is what these shooters seem

to have in common.

A person in pain

who wants to do something

and be noticed. Every one of us is

working hard to make a

difference somehow in

the world, to be relevant.

Most people use words to

air their differences, not guns.

Words not guns. Words help you

understand yourself. When you learn

enough words, words help

you express your emotions

to others. Words also help

you understand your own emotions

as well. Words not guns.

Words are what people hear

and are able to help. We help

each other by explaining ourselves

to each other. We all hurt, no matter

how good our lives are. Our words and

the words of others help us

get through the tough times.

The more words we know

the more love we see, the more

love we give. The same old dialogue

becomes so colorful the more we

think and learn. Please consider more

words, not guns.



She Walked In The Garden

Spring was coming

so, she walked in the garden

to find the fresh buds

smiling towards the sun.

It was a long journey for

them from the organization

of carbon to being able to

see the sun. Aideen wandered

through the perfectly planted

patches. The gardeners worked

so hard to create color for

wanderers to enjoy. Aideen

was bothered by her

father’s new business partner,

he was young, handsome,

and was to perfect to not

remember. She had other

things to do than bother

with this man’s gaze on her.

When they met, she felt his

interest in here immediately.

Why did she care, she had a

wedding to plan. She was about

to marry the most wonderful man

in town. Aideen’s thinking is stopped

by a beautiful bouquet of jasmine

being placed in front of her.

Where did someone get flowers

in full bloom? it was not yet spring. She

followed the hand holding the bouquet

to the arm coming from behind her. She

turned around to see Iain.



Victory of Spirit

The drop of clean water

enters the dry mouth

and dry sky orange

vitamin C tablet follows.

The skin has begun to give more.

It has given thousands of seconds

of energy to help feed the world.

It is not innocent

although it came into the world

thinking of innocence.

Hoping to stay that way,

but time and knowledge

and loneliness pushed it

into different realms.

The spirit is stronger

then the skin.

Knowledge has to take

care of it all now.

Every soul the spirit

learned along the way

has made a positive

impression like the sun

or a negative impression

like the dark places on

a strip of film.

It is breath now

and hope to help

the spirit win.

As long as the spirit

lives the spirit wins.

You can find the spirit

looking at the mountains,

swimming in the sea,

or listening to the forest.

The spirit looks above

the negative words,

moments, energies

looking for positive

moments of nature.





Love In Surprise

carr 300

If you ever wonder

what loves is,

I realize there

is no easy answer to this.

What I have seen

is first, when I love myself

and I love someone else

and they love themselves

and all the love comes together

and just is,

surprise becomes

every word

and decision

and I do not even know what I

am I doing

I just do it  and believe

like say,” I love you,”

despite some falling apart

around us, we just

love one another

and smile

and laugh

and fight

and cry

and care.

I don’t have

a mansion

but I feel rich

I don’t drive a shiny sports car

but I feel I have more power

than one. I am not the richest

person in the world in cash, but

for every dollar someone might

have I have millions of moments of human

connection that gives me strength to make more

money than I know what to do with.

Love has no definition only examples

and experiences for those brave

enough to let go.


Tighten That Poetry Like You Tighten A Muscle

Mexico 408

Loose words like loose muscles don’t make a poem look so great. Tightening up a poem so it does not have words that do not belong there. This is very necessary for bringing poems to another level. It is also good not to be too concise. You want to leave the reader wondering what it is you are trying to say. Being to obscure is no good, I always struggle with this.  I have too many ideas at one time. If you read great poetry you will realize that the poet took the time to construct each line so that every word belongs where it is. Sometimes you can work on a poem for a while trying to get this exactness. Sometimes it just does not come. It is always good to have a couple poems going at one time so you can be working. This can up your productivity while attaining that nice tight poem of eloquence.


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