What Does it Taste Like?

A cupcake looks beautiful and tastes beautiful,

like a sweet cloud at sunset among pinks, lavenders,

and blues. The sugar runs through me like the wind

while at the same time damaging my already fragile

system. I don’t care as it is worth the beauty on my tongue.

Do I care it will add to my already full hips, recessing lips,

and aging skin, nope. It is worth it. Sometimes, I have to do

what I know is wrong as I spend my life doing what is suppose

to be right yet I see others fly so high doing what I dare not do.






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Not Good Enough

Italy 2009 721

It is so easy to feel not good enough,

whether it is my own comparison to other people’s work, lives, or possesions

or because someone has made a comment that I need to excercise or

they tell me how I could be happy if I worked a 9 to 5 job that I hate.

It is a spirit and a hope pushing those feelings away

to make room for the new that I want to feel,

that brand new discovery of something I like.

I reach out to those who feel inclined to insult me to help me.

I try to just go to them to support them in their endeavors.

It is a bit awkward when I do yoga everyday and walk, so I guess

they are looking for someone a bit more perfect than me.

I feel like they think to themselves, why am I not getting what I want from her.

A few might think about what might insults a woman and there is the answer.

They never think maybe there are things I could insult them,

but I don’t, because it might make them feel not good enough.

My life is a momentary flash on this small earth in this great galaxy.

I want to be happy and healthy and a little fat is not what anyone

will remember in the end.

You may be traveling to get somewhere and have to forgo some things

in order to reach your destination for your next great adventure.

Some people will not know how to help you for sure and in the process

forget their heart. Do not ever let anyone’s momentary dementia deter you

from the love you want to be.

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Following the Words

Swirling in the rhythm of life, my heart,

finding the words that match

the spirit inside that drives the day.

My heart swirls and finds peace for

a length of time the length of a twig,

before it is looking for more.

Why does it think it needs more,

there is always more.

Power is so uninteresting to my heart,

only love, only nature, only harmony

with the one I love.

My heart knows that peace does not last forever,

but mine is a patient heart and it waits for that amazing

moment when the peace happens all over again.


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Meter Can Direct The Reader In Poetry


Meter in poetry can be useful to spur a little inspiration and also structure inspiration. I mean what do you do when you have this great idea and you want to harness it, explore it. Meter can help define the end of the lines for a poetry writer. It can also serve as a great rhythm for the reader to pick up on. So here is a look at a few measures of meter to work with. With meter we are working with stressed and and unstressed syllables. This translates to when a reader is speaking the poem and even as the reader is saying the words in their head, the meter tells the reader wear to put stress in a word. This accounts for the funny way sometimes poets sound when they read poetry because they conscientiously are stressing the syllables. IAMB is very common where the first syllable is unstressed or said in a monotone voice and then the next syllable is stressed. The syllables can be just a word as well.

IAMB         unstressed/stressed             unstressed/stressed          unstressed/stressed

I        /       lift                            you    /   bow                      we     /   dance

the    /      sound                       the     /     floor                   we    /        fly

I       /         trip                         you  /       trip                      we    /      fall

I      /        laugh                        you  /     laugh                that’s    /      all

The mind easily wants to just run off with thoughts and ideas and IAMB meter helps harness it in and is a good exercise for restraint. Now the trick is can a poet say what they want to say with in the confines of this meter. Sometimes yes and sometimes no, so of course that’s why more meter exists to help stretch the mind a little. ANAPEST stretches a little more.

ANAPEST      unstressed/unstressed/stressed              unstressed/unstressed/stressed      unstressed/unstressed/stressed

I     /     glance /       now                      your   /    red   /       stare                   and  /   think,   /   where?

We /      walk /      there                        and   /    fight  /      fair                       by   /       the     /      cows!

By themselves meter can feel redundant but put the different meters together and we are getting somewhere.  Hope these meter exercises help you with your writing! Writing is exciting, Slainte!

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