What Does it Taste Like?

A cupcake looks beautiful and tastes beautiful,

like a sweet cloud at sunset among pinks, lavenders,

and blues. The sugar runs through me like the wind

while at the same time damaging my already fragile

system. I don’t care as it is worth the beauty on my tongue.

Do I care it will add to my already full hips, recessing lips,

and aging skin, nope. It is worth it. Sometimes, I have to do

what I know is wrong as I spend my life doing what is suppose

to be right yet I see others fly so high doing what I dare not do.






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Romancing Dessert!

Foods to get you in the Mood: Desserts


She is looking for something to do after the peace.

Doing for someone is the greatest.

She decides to bake for her love.

She wants to let him know she loves him

even though it is the thousandth time she has said it and done it!

Love is something she never wants to forget to give.

It starts with the love in her heart,

and leads to the love of the ingredients.

The love of the bake comes through in the oven.

The gentle way she puts it on the plate and

the loving way she hands the dessert to him with

that look in her eye.

Loving is a cliche she never wants to stop.







Poetry for a While


Sometimes you meet someone

who is just about everything

you ever wished for in a partner.

Just about is realistic as our imagination

leads us down roads that can put

our partners at a disadvantage.

This to me was where art was invented.

Loving someone is easy always at first.

As we learn more and more and repeat

ourselves, and get more comfortable,

it so where the fun begins.

The comfort of a long term relationship

allows for creativity and love expanding.

Every meal is a time to savor and make

life special together. Every word from

your life partner’s mouth is a chance

to know how to help them be happy.

And there strength and effort

to do make you happy can never be taken for granted.

We must love each other

no matter what. We must watch love

grow like life grows inside a woman’s

womb. This is life, discovering what is new

and finding the fantastic around corners

you would have never guessed were there.

Not Good Enough

Italy 2009 721

It is so easy to feel not good enough,

whether it is my own comparison to other people’s work, lives, or possesions

or because someone has made a comment that I need to excercise or

they tell me how I could be happy if I worked a 9 to 5 job that I hate.

It is a spirit and a hope pushing those feelings away

to make room for the new that I want to feel,

that brand new discovery of something I like.

I reach out to those who feel inclined to insult me to help me.

I try to just go to them to support them in their endeavors.

It is a bit awkward when I do yoga everyday and walk, so I guess

they are looking for someone a bit more perfect than me.

I feel like they think to themselves, why am I not getting what I want from her.

A few might think about what might insults a woman and there is the answer.

They never think maybe there are things I could insult them,

but I don’t, because it might make them feel not good enough.

My life is a momentary flash on this small earth in this great galaxy.

I want to be happy and healthy and a little fat is not what anyone

will remember in the end.

You may be traveling to get somewhere and have to forgo some things

in order to reach your destination for your next great adventure.

Some people will not know how to help you for sure and in the process

forget their heart. Do not ever let anyone’s momentary dementia deter you

from the love you want to be.

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Following the Words

Swirling in the rhythm of life, my heart,

finding the words that match

the spirit inside that drives the day.

My heart swirls and finds peace for

a length of time the length of a twig,

before it is looking for more.

Why does it think it needs more,

there is always more.

Power is so uninteresting to my heart,

only love, only nature, only harmony

with the one I love.

My heart knows that peace does not last forever,

but mine is a patient heart and it waits for that amazing

moment when the peace happens all over again.


A Strange Link

Bestiary in Poetry And I’m Not Talking Awards

Toshiba Digital Camera

Bestiary, what on earth is that? A bestiary is a poem where personification flourishes in an animal or inanimate object. There will be a little allegory. Morals are usually super important also in the poem of this kind. So here are two words that may be unfamiliar and that is personification and allegory.

Personification is taking an animal in a poem or other works, like a a goat and making the goat have human qualities like Mr. Goat said to the clerk behind the counter, ” I have miles to climb today, I better buy a bottle of water for the trip.”


Allegory, in this case,  would be a poem with a meaning that is somehow hiding within the poem. Such as Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave” which is about our simple perception of things. Then seeing beyond that simple perception and being informed by those knowing beyond simple perception, and informing those of the perception beyond the simple perception that you might see. The moral is tougher to understand than the story which is why we have allegory to explain such things, make sense!

Almost 500 years AD after Jesus died on the cross, the middle ages began and the bestiary was very popular.

The Lion King in a way could be seen as a type of bestiary, a story, using beast or animals to convey a moral message. So hear I will attempt a poem and create a bestiary.

The Hummingbird and The Seahorse

In a doctor’s office a hummingbird and a seahorse

were waiting to see the doctor and they started up a conversation.

“How do you fly with no wings,” asked the hummingbird

looking around the seahorse for some kind of feather extensions from it’s body.

” My wings are the water,” said the seahorse.

“I don’t understand,” said the hummingbird.

“Well, said the seahorse.

” Right now I move by the muscles in my tail,

but unlike you, I can only move along the ground

whereas you can soar up in the sky

and reach the flowers on the tops of trees.

When I go back into the sea,

after my check up, I don’t have to just stay on the seafloor,

the water allows me to swim whereever I want to.

It’s like there are thousands of invisible wings

that hold me up in the water to help me swim along.

“How come you know this and I don’t” said the hummingbird.

” Because” said the seahorse, ” existing first, sometimes allows for greater knowledge and for people to easily forget.

That’s why it is advantageous to be fifteen minutes early for anything.

The knowledge you gain in that fifteen minutes

can be the difference that sets you apart from the crowd

and ensures your success, not always but it’s a good start.

” Why are you here,” asked the seahorse?

“To get checked out to ride up on the spaceship, why are you here may I ask?”

“To get a set of wings!”

So there is a loose example of a bestiary. Just simply pick your animal or animals, could be one, two, five, or many as in George Orwell’s “Animal Farm”. Then think about the moral story you want to convey, and think about the way in which you want to bring the story across. Moral being some sort of message you would like to get across to humanity that you might think is important to pass along. Play around with different scenarios until you find something you like. Thank you for reading. Happy writing! Slainte!


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