Tofu For Two

When my tummy feels weak and I am looking for protein

I cut a slice of firm tofu and eat it

like a slice of cake.

It is cold and soothing in my mouth

and the taste is good if I am hungry,

very earthy but mild.

No, it is not a steak or even cake,

but it a satisfying healthy feel.

If I am really ambitious

I squirt some sriracha

on the top of this

strange spongy food.

I have to put in a sealed

container in the fridge

and hope I do not forget tofu

is there.


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What Does it Taste Like?

A cupcake looks beautiful and tastes beautiful,

like a sweet cloud at sunset among pinks, lavenders,

and blues. The sugar runs through me like the wind

while at the same time damaging my already fragile

system. I don’t care as it is worth the beauty on my tongue.

Do I care it will add to my already full hips, recessing lips,

and aging skin, nope. It is worth it. Sometimes, I have to do

what I know is wrong as I spend my life doing what is suppose

to be right yet I see others fly so high doing what I dare not do.



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Poetry for a While


Sometimes you meet someone

who is just about everything

you ever wished for in a partner.

Just about is realistic as our imagination

leads us down roads that can put

our partners at a disadvantage.

This to me was where art was invented.

Loving someone is easy always at first.

As we learn more and more and repeat

ourselves, and get more comfortable,

it so where the fun begins.

The comfort of a long term relationship

allows for creativity and love expanding.

Every meal is a time to savor and make

life special together. Every word from

your life partner’s mouth is a chance

to know how to help them be happy.

And there strength and effort

to do make you happy can never be taken for granted.

We must love each other

no matter what. We must watch love

grow like life grows inside a woman’s

womb. This is life, discovering what is new

and finding the fantastic around corners

you would have never guessed were there.

Following the Words

Swirling in the rhythm of life, my heart,

finding the words that match

the spirit inside that drives the day.

My heart swirls and finds peace for

a length of time the length of a twig,

before it is looking for more.

Why does it think it needs more,

there is always more.

Power is so uninteresting to my heart,

only love, only nature, only harmony

with the one I love.

My heart knows that peace does not last forever,

but mine is a patient heart and it waits for that amazing

moment when the peace happens all over again.


A Strange Link

For the Love of Travel/Travel for Love Poetry/Curtail Sonnet


Curtail sonnet is a ten line sonnet, give or take and is a basic shortened version of the regular sonnet which is usually fourteen lines. Originally from Italy and translated as “little song” , you can easily see the simple few lines as the transfer of the feeling of inspired love by a known or new found muse.

I finally realize love is an emotion led by many things and in different ways by everyone. It took me a while to realize how easy it is to make a conscious effort to call upon the love that I have in my heart and to reveal and be proud of feeling love and being loved. Travel is one thing that opens my love heart and inspires lots of possibilities and wonderful ideas. I am going to try my hand at a curtail sonnet about travel and hopefully a little love.

Your voice stops for a moment,

and you ask me how I am.

Your love repairs what’s broken

and humbles me to a lamb.

I cuddle to you dragon

no longer with fear,

our spirits vaporize

love, peace, and strength our prize.

Fur and bees and everything zen

drive our fantasies and join our traveling lives.

So there is a little ten line sonnet, a curtail sonnet. It if course ca be worked on a little more and edited, but it is a start. Try your hand at a curtail sonnet and read it aloud. Rhyme and rhythm play heavily into sonnets, so you can work on that to. The end rhyme can have a  pattern but they can also be free, whatever you would like, and whatever fits in with what you are trying to say.

Poetry Book Cover

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Traveling to Never Give Up on Finding Something to Love/Senses in Poetry/Reiki

Mexico 664

A friend of mine is struggling so I am writing this post for him. What he loved before is hurting him, and he can not see what to love beyond this one love that he loves. He even has people that love him so much, but he still can’t see the next thing to love over the horizon. I dedicate this post to him and anyone struggling to never stop looking for something to love. No matter how ridiculous it may seem to the rest of the world love what you love. Find love in something. We love people, but as the saying goes you never want to invest all your love into just a person it is too suffocating, so find something else to love along with them.

Love changes sometimes you need to give up that first thing you loved for something else.

This post besides being about finding something to love is about the senses in poetry, because part of love is the opening of the senses. Smelling a wonderful floral scent in a home can awaken the mind to happiness and freedom. Touching someones skin and giving a hug just feel and sense that closeness with another human being. You have to be ready to accept it.

Putting that wonderful wine to your lips and taking a small sip and identifying the different flavors is amazing and wonderful.

Seeing someone’s handsome face, or beautiful face, a beautifully designed chair, lamp, or painting also opens the senses to another realm.

Listening to music can make the mind travel to heights nothing else can drive you too. Birds chirping, the breeze blowing, so many sounds must be heard to continue to be happy and love.

I’m going to try my hand at a poem with the five senses.

Love and Senses

Let me look for love,

I have been bound by hands of personal binding

for too long, I made my mistakes, apologized,

and it is time to be free.

The floral scent of happiness slumbers within me,

and me and the outside world do our best to wake her.

It is time.

My  tongue tastes the wonders of the fruit and the drink

of sweet contentedness and quiet adventure.

Reiki can help set me free reminding me of that

which flows underneath like a spring.

I don’t have to wait for someone else

to put a goblet underneath in order to make the spring flow, no.

I have the power to move and touch the trickle

and realize the moments of stream to flood

and swim in between.

There is always something to love.

So that is a little poem using the sense. The senses are so important in poems because they are easy to relate to. Try your hand at sense in your poem. Oscillate between the abstract ideas and concrete ones so the reader is aware of what you are writing about. Being as clear as you can in writing is important, but being true to yourself is necessary too.

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Stretching Poetry

Toshiba Digital Camera
Stretching Poetry

If you do nothing else in the way of exercise at least try to stretch. Stretching in poetry can mean several things, such as stretching the truth in poetry. Not everything you say in poetry has to be true. That is part of art as the illusion. The truth and illusion are two different things, You do need a fair amount of truth in order for the reader to believe the illusion, but stretching the truth is part of art.

Abstract versus concrete helps create the illusion. Abstract are ideas you can’t really touch with your hand and this tends to keep people from believing in abstractions like love, god, and happiness. That is a depressing thought but, oh yeah depression too. These are all ideas, because you can’t hold these things in your hand and put a color to them. Yet illusion and stretching the truth in poetry allows us to do attempt at defining the abstract. Like the cliche red for love, grey for depression, and yellow for happiness these are all stretched but they seem to fit so for the mots part we accept the association. Some people don’t, and then write their own poetry assigning a color of their choice and experience to the abstraction. Ahh, this is the beauty of poetry. So here we go with a little stretching poetry focusing a bit on the abstract and concrete.


One leg out in front and one leg bent in back

this is what love feels like when I’m in tack.

That voice coming in low and tingling my eyes

and making me want to reach out my hand, why?

When will we walk hand in hand stretching our arms

and being casual in the beauty of the air, my farm.

Who would ever think that words move like machines,

when life rolls by just as he or she is eating ice cream.

What next great thing will be found like the cell phone

where is the next stretch that amazes us to the bone.

For now we will tap our glass screens for love of fun

and register the bright colorful lights, distractions a ton.

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