Tighten That Poetry Like You Tighten A Muscle

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Loose words like loose muscles don’t make a poem look so great. Tightening up a poem so it does not have words that do not belong there. This is very necessary for bringing poems to another level. It is also good not to be too concise. You want to leave the reader wondering what it is you are trying to say. Being to obscure is no good, I always struggle with this.  I have too many ideas at one time. If you read great poetry you will realize that the poet took the time to construct each line so that every word belongs where it is. Sometimes you can work on a poem for a while trying to get this exactness. Sometimes it just does not come. It is always good to have a couple poems going at one time so you can be working. This can up your productivity while attaining that nice tight poem of eloquence.


Something To Buy


I Do It Before

The Snow and cold are coming.

Although living in a tropical zone

for twenty years, I find myself

now near the mountains for love.

The snow and cold are coming,

on Thursday. Today is Tuesday.

The temp will be 50 degrees today.

I love it. There is a coolness to the air,

at 50 degrees, but not enough to make

me shiver. I will be outside as much

as I can. So that come Thursday,

I love being indoors, and not wish

to be out when the cold freezes

the path of my nose, and may freeze

my happiness if I stay out in the

16-degree weather for long. I make

sure to go outside before the cold

gets too cold. So curling up inside

feels like home and not something

forced upon me be weather nature.


Thank you for reading and liking!!!


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What Does it Taste Like?

A cupcake looks beautiful and tastes beautiful,

like a sweet cloud at sunset among pinks, lavenders,

and blues. The sugar runs through me like the wind

while at the same time damaging my already fragile

system. I don’t care as it is worth the beauty on my tongue.

Do I care it will add to my already full hips, recessing lips,

and aging skin, nope. It is worth it. Sometimes, I have to do

what I know is wrong as I spend my life doing what is suppose

to be right yet I see others fly so high doing what I dare not do.






Thank you for reading!!!!!

Stolen Poetry

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It has come to my attention that someone has illegally stolen my poetry book “I Find Flowers” off of amazon, and placed it for a free download on epub and other places. Now at first, I’ll admit I was shocked, then I was a bit flattered they wanted it so bad they were willing to commit an illegal act to get it, because as they said they partied too much last night and were low on money when they were putting it out on the web how can i get ” Find Flowers” for free and someone responded on the post for a way to do so.

I just want to remind those people that are drinking all night and want to steal other people’s creative property that take time and money and that you could have drank one less drink, saved your liver and bought ” I Find Flowers” for the small amount of 4.99 which is less than a drink in most clubs instead of stealing it, just to be clear I have nothing against drinking experts say that drinking actually helps us to live to over 90 years old, oddly enough.

People that take other people’s hard work may not think about things that other people go through and realize that it takes money to live in this world and we are not famous, wealthy, or have money being supplied by a publishing company or agent. Please next time think twice about taking anyone’s creative property.

Where I am glad the book was used for a discussion, it did look like there were professors involved and if that was the case, and not made up identities, I’m a little shocked that adults in education would condone this behavior, and thankfully at least one person on the panel did point out about piracy and stealing written work.

We do live in a technology world that this is what happens more and more these days, with the theft of identity, and others ideas, so we all have to protect ourselves!

I have said my peace and hope the 612 people that have downloaded it from one of the free sources have found a poem they like or related to, and hope somehow it inspires them to write their own poetry!

Peace everyone and keep writing!

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