Sometimes Beauty

Sometimes beauty lasts longer if you stay with it only for a moment.

The purpose of your life may be elsewhere.

Like a movie whose plot was lost in the writer’s mind

the plot of your life may be waiting for someone else

but you have to keep working and searching to find them.


Love has no perfection.

You can chase after it like a thousand dollar bill

in the wind, sometimes you catch it

and sometimes it blows away.


The art of perfection is art.

The illusion of life is set in practice and

practical matters. Most decisions are made

a spontaneous decision to make a decision.


There is no fun in being serious

the dead body is dead

the laughter is found elsewhere

and no one knows where to go

other than making a decision we all hope works.


It is time to go to the beach!






Ayurveda Guide to Healing the Mind, Body, and Soul by Vivian Lox

We can not always heal everything, but there are many issues within our body we can help heal by eating certain foods, resting, moving, and loving!! Hear is to leading a full and moving life that can at times feel free!!!!

Rodeo Bruise

And there it was

a leather draped version

of a hot blooded bull.

Sitting in the middle

of an air filled red and blue mattress

like a doll that had been played with

way too many times.

I jumped up into

the makeshift saddle

with the struggle

of a fat lady trying

to get on a mechanical bull.

I grabbed the leather strap

and put my head down

determined to stay in

this electronic fight.

The attendant started the rocking

and I felt the hard mass push up

into me. I had no choice but to

fling my arm up and start rocking

in an S motion

to go with the flow.

The whole cow rotates from right

to left, trying to fling me off.

I am determined. I squeeze tight

but not too tight to lose focus.

I go on a few seconds like this

and look up thinking

Is this all it is?

The bull continues

its slow pace. It still

takes effort to hold tight.

Okay, I had enough.

It gets faster.

I squeeze more.

I say okay

that’s enough

but I was too quiet

I am holding myself

with just the strength

of my arm

The pain starts

it’s in my wrist

and then it feels like the bone

The bulls moves faster

and I lose control

But I’m not letting go.

and just before my

arm is about to snap

so it felt.

It stopped

and everything is quiet.

Even the people staring

at me behind the fence.

Next, I could feel the pain

throbbing beneath my skin.

I rode the mechanical bull!