The Phone


She floated to the phone after hearing the chime of a message,

the message she was waiting for had just arrived.

She opened it, and it was from him.

She did not care what he wanted or what was said, it was just nice to

get the message.


People thought she was crazy, because he was never around, but

somehow she liked it like that, because she got to do others things.

She was not so bound by the responsibilities that others relationships

seem to bring with them. She did love those responsibilities too, because

they were part of what brings her together with her partner. It’s what

bring couples together, the experiences we have. She still loved to hear

from him and know that he was okay. She knew the dream she had would have

to be let go. In it’s place actually wasn’t so bad. Even the couples she deemed

as perfect, ended in adultery and divorce. Love freely and honestly and

try your best. There are no guarantees.



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Following the Words

Swirling in the rhythm of life, my heart,

finding the words that match

the spirit inside that drives the day.

My heart swirls and finds peace for

a length of time the length of a twig,

before it is looking for more.

Why does it think it needs more,

there is always more.

Power is so uninteresting to my heart,

only love, only nature, only harmony

with the one I love.

My heart knows that peace does not last forever,

but mine is a patient heart and it waits for that amazing

moment when the peace happens all over again.


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